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Those trailers are built for ordinary people, home gardener, fisher, hunter, etc. You have the choice between one or two axles, straight or folding ramps, in a nutshell, you’ll be spoiled for choice !

If you’re looking for reliability and versatility, you just found the Jackpot !

Those Utility Trailers have many interesting basic features :

  • We use Dexter axles, the safer and best quality in the industry
  • Wiring hidden in the frame for better protection
  • 4 d ring to better secure your load
  • Comes with radial tires
  • Step plates are welded to the fenders (and not only bolted)
  • LED Lights
  • For outdoor maniacs, posts in all 4 corners allow you to integrate boat rack
  • 5 year warranties on wiring and welding
  • Water treated plywood deck


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